Monday, 28 July 2008

SL Plurkers RL Meet-up

On Saturday night, Tenebrous and I ventured into big bad (and WAY too hot) London to meet up with some of our closest (both geographically and in a friendliness sense!) SL and Plurk friends.

We met up with Vint in Leicester Square, where she was being chatted up by two rather inebriated guys celebrating a stag night. When the stag decided to drop his jeans and show off his rather sparse women's underpants and garter, we decided it was enough time to get out of there and Tenebrous's timely pretend phone call and "oh, we have to go!" was a life-saver!

We were joined a little while later by Willow, Johan and Oliver, who had been to see The Dark Knight (and they all recommend it!) earlier in the day.

We headed round to Hamburger Union (which believe it or not, sells hamburgers) where we were joined a little while later by Osiris and Danni.

We tucked into some HUGE hamburgers and fries while everyone got to know each other a bit better and trying to get Tux the Penguin drunk and high. Poor thing didn't know what hit him, but he certainly took a shine to Vint!

Poor Johan was wedged in between a pillar and the table and was the victim of a rather unfortunate (yet extremely funny at the time) incident involving replacing his chair with a baby's high chair.... and the addition of an extra burger...

Tenebrous decided this was a good time to start handing out his bacon salt sample pots... I think his plan is to get everyone hooked on it (including Tux!) and then start charging... I have already heard that Osiris has become fond of cheese on toast topped with bacon salt! And so it begins...

After the food was devoured, we headed round the corner to a pub (no idea what it was called.. I was too busy randomly chasing after a bin lorry....) where Johan did NOT get asked for ID despite the fact that Tenebrous (who is 13 years older than him) did! Scandalous! I was happy to show off my drivers license pic since it's actually quite flattering :D

The conversation and the drinks flowed and Tux set about impressing Vint, although she quite rightly commented afterwards on his lack of drink-buying. Take a hint penguin dude! Buy a girl a drink!

I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised buy how comfortable I felt around so many people I have never met. Within minutes of meeting people I felt totally at ease and probably talked WAY too much about absolutely nothing at all. Everyone was so nice!

Unfortunately, I doubt I'm going to be able to attend the next meet-up due to conflicting dates, but I'll definitely try to make the one after that!

Click here to see Tene's photos, Vint's photos and Osiris's photos.


WillowC said...

I think this means we're obliged - possibly by law - to make these meets a very regular thing!

Meeting you guys was fantastic :D

Roxette Wise said...

Hopes to meet you sometime soon! :D We will have to sync our calenders.