Sunday, 20 July 2008

Doctors and Nurses Party

Last night I attended a Doctors and Nurses party with Tenebrous. Originally it was supposed to be held at Rouge, in order to keep it alive in the absence of it's inspirational owner, Codebastard Redgrave. However some unforeseen issues led to a last minute change in venue, but true to form, my plurking friends turned up en masse to Nexeus Fatales' club "the high" in Skiddaw.

"the high"

The theme was Doctors and Nurses and as expected, there were some stunningly sexy nurses on call. Of course, my Tenebrous was the only Doctor I was examining (and may I say phoar!). The DJs for the evening, Nexeus himself and Amanda Shinji did a grand job of keeping us dancing and our charming host, Queen Coronet was on top form.

DJ Nexes Fatale

Host Queen Coronet

The first casualty of the evening was Kitty Lalonde, who at one point lay down for a quick nap and sunk halfway into the floor. However, the vast array of medical expertise on hand proved adequate to deal with her discomfort.

Kitty's Medical Emergency

Janica Schonbrun

Me and Dr Pau

Kitty Lalonde and Tiernan Serpentine

You can view the rest of my photos here.

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Queen Coronet said...

I'm still picking chocolate cake out of my hair!! What a great crowd it was!! It was such a pleasure to host this event. Code 'd be real proud of y'all for celebrating the joy of Rouge in fine form!