Monday, 7 July 2008

Tenebrous' 1 Word Story

Following on from his previous 5 Word stories and the one with all the characters, Tenebrous started a 1 word story.

Here's the final story:

Once a pon a fridge, there lived a huge Tenebrous-shaped leathery guitar.

This homo pathic pathology of my hub-like router delightfully tasted like roasted chicken, which clicked like three instrument mice on speed.

Suddenly a small guinea pig jumped over the couch onto TimothyLs hair, skidding loudly down his locks which uncurled ravishingly, until suddenly the ferret (who had a bouncy banana yet it wasn’t the strikingly horrid sound), jumped out of rotemu’s bag of gummy bears and nomnomnomnomnom'd them until they screamed!

Meanwhile, in another dimension torn from ours, filled with blue alien babies called Mr Blobby Jr and his bike called Frank “Sparkley” Sparkles and then says “tragedy!!”

The KoolAid spilt granite all over the ground. Hair tumbled through sticking mud filled tubes vibrating slowly, rotating hypnotically counter-clockwise contrary to most tubes because gravity wells suck on clockwork springs, rusty from being licked by an over-amorous frog that wanted chocolate covered flies.

Later on, a mermaid called Faustus, surprisingly shy about toe matoes picked freshly in sunny Madagascar, although curious events transpired to end this story forever. Unless the happily marrieds didn’t want this end to come again.


We have Tenebrous, Katharine, tmcamp, Rammi, rotemu, Dannilion, MadameMaracas, TimothyL, CoyotePace, ZipporaZ, Washu, gabbypanacek, iAlja, Keeme, Sougent, Vint, spiderkitten, ArminasX, and tiessa to thank for this one!


... Tenebrous Pau said...

Thanks to everyone who took part :)

Coyote said...

Do we have a publisher yet? I'm talking residuals, baby! And film rights.