Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The Almost-But-Not-Quite-Latest 5 Word Story

By now I'm sure I don't have to say anything other than here's the original plurk, here are the contributors:

Tenebrous, rotemu, Bugburd, Dannilion, supacrip, TimothyL,
MadameMaracas, ZipporaZ, Teeg, Eladrienne, CoyotePace,
Skinkie, and me!

and here's the final story:

"Finally", she exclaimed, as she
opened her eyes to see
a big can of worms
which had been opened by
a mysterious yet cute cat.

The evil Earl of Scarborough
had just bought himself a
bicycle that had purple and
green little wormies on sand.

These were not his favourite
flavour but he ate them
between two slices of thick
yellow custard clumping messily around
his big fat sausage fingers.

It was unusual to have
such a view right when
the sun was rising over
the pink and purple clouds
of noxious gasses emanating from
Tenebrous' wild and spiky hair.

"Oh my god!", shouted the
old lady as she saw
a green elephant robed in
tartan trousers and a shaggy
yet rather smooth coat of
black satin and lace strings,
which was odd because usually
he was wearing green striped
mud-caked, cloak & pantaloons
of silk. Today was special because
it was the fourth of
February. Meanwhile, the evil Earl
of Scarborough was laying in
wait for the hero, who
was supposed to ride down
on his grand white steed
and save the day, but
unfortunately fate had other plans
in the form of a
huge green penguin who
landed right in front of
the building and then said
"Can you take my wrapper,
I am kind of wet
and scared of the polar
fleece inside it freezing me."

The end was nigh, and
Tenebrous' karma was over 50,
much to the chagrin of
his insidious Plurkian rivals, who
offered up a prayer to
the Queen of Bongo Bongo
who loved to dance with
the King of Bongo Bongo.

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